Friday, September 21, 2012

Greg Hunter, "Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.21.12"

"Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.21.12"
By Greg Hunter’s

"The Middle East and North Africa are on fire. The latest blow-up happened in Pakistan where the U.S. Embassy was attacked by protestors. There have been attacks and protests on U.S. interests in Middle East countries such as Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan and many others. The Obama Administration says it is all because of some anti-Muslim movie, but many think it is way more about our foreign policy. The Obama Administration finally admitted the U.S. Libyan Embassy attack was the pre-planned assault by al-Qaeda. The U.S. backed al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya and continues to do so in Syria. Meanwhile, the U.S. conducts drone strikes against al-Qaeda in Yemen and Pakistan. These people are not stupid. They know when they are getting played. A new Pew Poll out shows America is less trusted in many Middle Eastern countries now than in 2008. For example, in Pakistan in 2012, only 12% view America favorably. In 2008, 19% viewed the U.S. favorably. 

 Mitt Romney made his now famous “47% of people don’t pay taxes” statement that has put his campaign on the defensive. What I find ironic is that neither party is talking about the “unlimited” $40 billion a month the Fed is printing to buy sour mortgage debt from the big banks. This is another banker bailout!! This mortgage debt was supposed to be equal to Treasuries in quality-AAA. Now, it is toxic? Isn’t that a gigantic fraud on the taxpayers of America? Finally, a story you need to watch is the fight China and Japan are having over a group of islands in the South China Sea. These islands are apparently so important one Chinese general is threatening to go to war over who owns them. Coming up, Gerald Celente of Trends Research is the guest for Monday. He says we are not headed for war in the Middle East–it has already started. Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis to these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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