Thursday, May 30, 2013

Greg Hunter, “Collapse Isn’t Coming- We’ve Already Begun”

“Collapse Isn’t Coming- We’ve Already Begun”
By Greg Hunter’s

"David Quintieri, author of “The Money GPS,” is so worried about the unfolding economic calamity he wrote a book about how to survive it.  Quintieri says, “There is no other way out but a collapse... the collapse isn’t coming, we’ve already begun.” One sure sign the collapse is in full swing, Quintieri contends, “There’s no semblance of a free market what-so-ever, that’s completely gone. The numbers you see on TV and newspapers are completely fraudulent.” So, what do you need to do to prepare?  Quintieri says, “When the collapse happens, those holding real assets are going to be the ones with all the wealth.”  Don’t expect cash in the bank to help you either, Quintieri predicts, “They’re going to go money printing all the way. But it doesn’t go to the people, it goes to the banks. And whatever money’s left behind, they’re going to do a bail-in with it.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with David Quintieri, author of “The Money GPS.”

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