Wednesday, September 25, 2013

“Seven Gripping Photos Of Homeless Los Angelenos Will Change The Way You Look At A Stranger”

 “Seven Gripping Photos Of Homeless Los Angelenos 
Will Change The Way You Look At A Stranger”
by HuffPo

“Photographer Michael Pharaoh is only 22 years old. Yet already, he possesses the uncanny ability to capture the story written on a stranger's face. New Zealand-based Pharaoh created the gripping series "The Homeless of L.A." while on vacation in California. The photographs evoke, in tremendous detail, the identity of Hollywood's homeless population in a series of muted yet stylistically gorgeous up-close portraits.

"The project was fascinating to me because we don't have the same plethora of homeless people as L.A," Pharaoh explained in a statement for the series. "It was interesting to hear all of their stories and how they came to live on the streets. This project was both a sad yet humbling one." While the homeless population is all too often treated as invisible, Pharaoh's high definition portraits explore every facet of their visages to capture a striking and honest portrait of a complete stranger. Take a look...”
No graphic for this post, since nothing I could place
 there would do justice to the pictures themselves...
- CP

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