Monday, September 23, 2013

“To The iSheeple: Now You're REALLY Stupid”

“To The iSheeple: Now You're REALLY Stupid”
 by Karl Denninger

"Now I've seen it all... "Apple reassured users that the feature (ed: fingerprint scanner) is secure by explaining 'all fingerprint information is encrypted and stored securely inside the device's chip' adding the prints are not stored on an Apple server, or backed up to iCloud. Concerns were raised that it could lead to thieves taking drastic action, such as cutting off people's fingers, in order to access a phone."

Except that this was already hacked, which means your finger can be hacked off and used to unlock it.It gets worse: "The firm has also made password manager apps redundant by introducing an encrypted iCloud Keychain folder that automatically and securely stores multiple account logins and passwords. It can save credit card details, too."

Oh that's lovely. So now all your passwords and credit cards are uploaded to where the NSA can get them too. And this "encryption", of course, is known to be good... why? Welcome to the iSheepleNation.”
Ok, so besides positively identifying you with your fingerprint it can also pinpoint your
 exact location using the built-in GPS, should the need ever arise to pay you a visit... 
- CP

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