Monday, December 30, 2013

"Fukushima Update, 12/30/2013"

"Fukushima Update, 12/30/2013"
By Susan Duclos, et al

"Earlier I reported that Unit #3 of the Fukushima nuclear plants was steaming, multiple times just this past week and in another report we found out that dust, rain, fog, food and water are all ways that radiation can enter the human body. Now Turner Radio Network has spoken to some experts and are issuing a major urgent alert for the West Coast of the US about the radiation that could possibly hit them, in a massive way, in the next three to five days.

 The area around #3 is so 'hot' and dangerous that people cannot even go there. Instead, robot cranes operated by remote control are picking up the debris around the spent fuel pool in preparation for removing whatever fuel rods are left; after a fire and meltdown event a few days after 3/11. TEPCO is not even planning on approaching this spent fuel pool to do any removal of anything in the near future, other than the debris. Nothing like this has ever happened in the history of the human race. Plutonium was released from this spent fuel pool in the fire and the explosion at reactor #3, and the only question left is how much, where it went, and what effects it will have globally on all life. 

Two possibilities according to experts:
1) Pellets of radioactive fuel, ejected when the reactor exploded, have mixed together and “mini” meltdowns are taking place with those small clumps of pellets.  This would not be a horrific problem and may be manageable, OR;
Pellets of radioactive fuel, ejected when the reactor exploded, went into the spent fuel pool located above the reactor and have begun melting down so seriously they are boiling off the water in the spent fuel pool.

Since steam is visible, experts tell TRN that Scenario #2 above is is the most likely scenario and if so,  it would be an absolute nightmare – WORSE than the original Fukushima disaster! The Spent Fuel Pool was situated on the fourth floor above Reactor #3, and if this is the source of the steam, the situation could escalate rapidly out of control.
In this newly released video from BPEarthwatch he shouts out a loud warning to the entire world and specifically North America after the recently announced leak  at Fukushima that Japanese authorities have warned will soon be over the America’s. Experts share this could be the beginning of a melt fuel spill meltdown for these GE designed plants and that a radioactive cloud will be here within days."


Just my (informed) opinion... if you live on the West Coast, California particularly- leave, now, if at all possible, go inland or north to Oregon or Washington state.. Get out of this monsters way until we can determine what is actually happening, despite the total blackout from the main stream media. Go! - CP