Friday, December 27, 2013

"I'll be back..."

Roger Waters, Radio KAOS, “Tide Is Turning”

Obviously something pretty catastrophic happened health wise here, and I have to suspend any blog activity for at least another few weeks while recovering from quadruple (4) coronary artery bypass graft surgery. (Without surgical intervention I'm assured there would have been be a zero % probability of survival, within days at most, so I'm very grateful for that.) Recovery is usually 4-12 weeks, and this is only week 2, so not a real happy camper at the moment. Thank you for your patience as this new phase of life begins, I wish only the very best for you all. See you on the other side! - CP


  1. .. & when you'll be back, we'll be there..... My best wishes for you, CP.

  2. CP, I knew there (something) was a problem with your slack on posting but never THIS. Kind thoughts for you and hope for your fast healing. Come Spring, I hope to hear you soaring in new joy for life.

    My first comment disappeared into the ether. Oh, my finicky technological device!


  3. Greetings Gerry,

    thank you for keeping us up to date: may just spirits, energies right affect your health and mind. Get back, up-stand up. Someone wise said once I remember: not getting or being down is wrong - staying there, if you don´t have to :-D

    Yours sincerely, appreciatively and digitally

    Falcondawn aka Dawn Jones aka Olivier Klastat

  4. I've been without regular Internet for three weeks now so I'm glad to see you back and with strength enough to be posting. The key words in your post are "this is ... week 2" on your way to week 12. When I spent a week in a rehab facility I remember the many people clutching their heart shaped pillows in case of a cough, they all left there. Hang in there and take it day by day.