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Greg Hunter,“Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.18.14”

“Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.18.14”
By Greg Hunter’s 

“A deal has been reached over the Ukraine crisis, and that will supposedly “de-escalate tensions and restore security.” This deal is between the EU, U.S., Russia and Ukraine. I guess this is good news, but I would call it extremely temporary. This is supposed to lead to disarming the pro-Russian militia and returning control of government buildings in Eastern Ukraine. Loyal Ukrainians and pro-Russian factions have been going at it, and I am not sure this deal is going to “de-escalate tensions.” Even President Obama is skeptical.  He said that the U.S. has to be ready to “respond to what continue to be interference by the Russians.” The military option is off the table according to the White House. So, that leaves sanctions that nobody wants, especially in the EU. Massive amounts of business are done between Russia and the EU. The global economy is weak at best, and in some places in Europe, you can call it a depression. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin says he has, “the right to use military force in Ukraine.” Russia is going to end up with much of Ukraine, and I do not think there is much anyone is going to do about it.  

I don’t think the Russians are worried about sanctions over the Ukraine. I think they and many other countries are trying to halt the use of the U.S. dollar as fast as they can. The latest evidence of that is news of the BRICS making great strides in developing alternatives to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. There is no doubt that the use of the dollar is being used less and less to settle international trade. That is the dominate trend, and I see no reversal in sight. The rest of the world is going to stop depending on the U.S. dollar, and my prediction is that will be much sooner than many can imagine. The inflation this will bring is going to be stunning as there are $16 trillion liquid dollar assets held outside the country. 

The Intelligence Minister of Israel is not happy about the negotiations with Iran over curtailing its nuclear program. Yuval Steinitz said the U.S. negotiations were a “surrender” to Iran. Israel is not happy that Iran could enrich uranium for a nuclear weapon in a matter of months. This is a big indication on how the negotiations are going. Iran maintains that its nuclear program is for the peaceful production of energy, and the West does not buy it. More negotiations are happening next month.  

President Obama is touting 8 million have now signed up for Obama Care. Of course, the government admits it does not know how many have paid or how many are really newly enrolled. What is constantly ignored is the plan is not nearly rolled out. Hundreds of exemptions have been given to big business and the plan for the bulk of the people has been delayed. It’s been delayed because it will hurt many who will pay more and get less, and it is all enforced by the IRS. Instead of saving $2,500 per family, the CBO says it will cost $2,100 more for the average family. Sure, some will get a good deal, but that will be paid for by others. This is the big election issue and no matter if the MSM ignores the bad parts of the Obama Care story. Many now that are living this are not going to be happy come Election Day.  

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid says the folks that protested at the Bundy ranch in Nevada recently are “domestic terrorists.” That is harsh language, especially from the government that set up 1st Amendment zones for protestors miles away from the ranch. The 1st Amendment is everywhere in the U.S.  I guess all the folks at the BLM failed civics class. What scares me about this “domestic terrorist” comment by Senator Reid is I think he is trying to justify the heavy handed tactics by the government. I’ll be the first to say that Cliven Bundy is not totally in the right here. He has lost some court battles over the use of this land, but the government was totally out of line bringing swat teams and attack dogs to settle a civil issue.  The government destroyed property and killed many of Bundy’s cattle. The government is certainly not cracking down on illegal immigration this way. Banks that admitted they laundered money for terrorists have paid fines. JP Morgan paid a fine to get out of criminal prosecution in the Bernie Madoff fraud case. The list goes on and on. Not a single banker has been arrested and prosecuted for trillions of dollars in fraud perpetrated on honest Americans. My guest Fabian Calvo brought up this week that there is plenty of information about the possible collateralization of American land to pay off our debts, debts that many crooked bankers have stacked up with fraud such as “toxic” mortgage backed securities. If law enforcement wants to crack down let’s start with the bankers, not the food producers!! 

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.”

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