Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fukushima: "All You Really Don't Want To Know"

“Fukushima Equals 6,000 Hiroshima Bombs Today, More Tomorrow;
There is No Place On Earth to Escape the Rad” 
by Bob Nichols, “Veterans Today”

“My opinion only, as requested by Alfred Webre, Dec 28, 2013, 1,024 Days from Mar 11, 2011.

First thing, grasp the difficult concept that this is an ELE or Extinction Level Event. There is no escaping our fate, there are no solutions. 

We can extend our lives somewhat, though. These steps are personal. People can do them or not. You will die quicker, or later, your choice.
1. Take off your shoes and outer ware (coats) when you enter your place.
2. Stay under a protective Roof as much as possible.
3. Filter your water. 
Bonus: Eat foods as low on the food chain as possible that are thought to be less radioactive and eat electrically negatively charged foods each day.

Several people who have heard about Fukushima since the early days are puzzled that so many are “still alive”. Others, in addition to the psychopaths who apparently believe themselves to be immune from radiation poisoning, are those of the EXTEND AND PRETEND strongholds of delusions and galactic thought, along with the ‘end of times’ crowd expecting clouds to part and higher beings to ride in and ‘save us’.” You are going to have to make your own choices. You will live a little longer, or, die sooner by these choices, as will I. No one is exempt. The radioactive particles are all over the world now.

What’s next?  Friends, virtual and non-virtually, have said and asked things like: 

Question: In basic math terms, in comparison to Hiroshima, how much worse is Fukushima and why?”
Answer: Fukushima, now, equals the detonation of 5,910.11 Hiroshima Atomic Bombs or it’s about 6,000 Times worse than the A-Bombing of Japan; and, it is still going strong, with no end in sight. That is equal to 6.45 Hiroshima Atomic Bombs a Day for 916 Days. There are only 336 cities on Earth with more than One Million people. That is the equivalent of 17.5 Hiroshima Atomic Bombs apiece.

Question: In basic math terms, in comparison to Nagasaki, how much worse is Fukushima and why?
Answer: The Nagasaki Bomb was slightly larger; therefore Fukushima equals slightly fewer Nagasaki  Bombs. However, at this point, it makes no difference.

Question:  In basic math terms, in comparison to Chernobyl, how much worse is Fukushima and why?
Answer: At 916 days of growth Fukushima is 14.75 Times bigger than the Chernobyl atomic disaster in 1986. The International Atomic Agency (IAEA) stated: “The accident at Chernobyl was approximately 400 times more potent than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima…” Fukushima so far is 14.75 Times worse than Chernobyl and growing.

Question: In basic non-scientific language, what causes this to be an ELE, Extinction Level Event, and is there any shot at it being reversible?
Answer: Throughout the time humans lived on Earth, humanity has never experienced radiation this high. The radiation and its associated Lethality is very high and will kill everybody. The Radiation’s Lethality will last well past the end of every one’s lifetime. No, there is no shot at reversing the effects and every human on Earth is included.

Question: How long before we are tripping and stumbling over dead-dying bodies?
Answer: In a sense we already are. Human fetuses are the first to die and are typically cremated at the hospital. We just don’t see them. Women, children, already sick people and the elderly infirm are next. Middle aged men are last.

Question: Anything you recommend to lengthen ‘shortened-life spans’?
Answer: No.

Question: Any resources you would direct interested people to?
Answer: No.

Question:  What other questions must be asked when confronted with an Extinction Level Event, and why have any hope whatsoever?”
Answer: Ask what is the published lethality of all of the released isotopes and do not let the Empire paid trolls fool you by using radioactivity numbers; it is the LETHALITY that counts. When you find the numbers for the two Cesium Twins multiply by 14 for the total radiation in a single release from an active reactor core. Multiply the combined Cesium137/134 radioactivity numbers by 5 for the total radioactivity in a single release for old fuel rods. Those will give you a rough idea of the radiation released for that instance. As for “hope,” that is fine, knock yourself out."
Sources and Notes:
1. AIPRI, Thursday, September 5, 2013, “The Bitter Waters of Fukushima Daiichi, by Dr Paolo Scampa, Physicist. AIPI was founded in 1993. The bitter waters of Fukushima-Daiichi. (II)
This is a simple theoretical calculation based on two public data sets 1) 300 m3  groundwater have passed through the Fukushima to leak at sea every day for two and a half years, the other, 2) according to information provided by Kurion that water from the plant is loaded with Cs-137  up to 2 million Bq per milliliter. The product of these two factors gives chills…”  
2. “Frequently Asked Chernobyl Questions,” Copyright©, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna International Centre, “The accident at Chernobyl was approximately 400 times more potent than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima,”
“It’s even worse that CNN has reported, a horrific equivalent of radiation equal to 10 Hiroshima’s an hour 24/7 has been pumped into seas for since 3.11.13. That’s equal to about 8,700 Hiroshima’s. Is it any wonder our world is dying? What the Fukushima?!”

“West Coast Residents: Dead Men Walking From Fukushima Radiation”

“2014 Fukushima Radiation Fallout Review:
Fukushima Global Radiation Crisis, USA Radiation Fallout"

Helen Caldicott, MD, “The Horrible Truth About Fukushima”

“Radioactive Water From Fukushima Is Systematically Poisoning The Entire Pacific Ocean”

Dr. Steven Starr, “Fukushima: Cesium-137”

“If any man is able to show me and prove to me that I do not think or act right, I will gladly change, for I seek the truth, by which no man was ever injured. It is only persistence in self delusion and ignorance that does harm.” - Marcus Aurelius


  1. And yet, oddly, there is absolutely zero measureable increase in background radiation anywhere in the Continental US. (I check weekly using my won calibrated instruments at home, and know others who do the same from CA to WA to KS and AZ to IN to OH and FLA).

    And I'd like to know why C134/137 together makes for 5 times more lethal.... or whatever was makes no sense.

  2. Until recently there was also no very effective method for preventing radiation poisoning other than avoiding exposure in the first place. However, in 2009 scientists at Vanderbilt University in the USA published a paper describing the use of pyridoxamine to block the cascade of events that starts with reactive oxygen and ends in damaged tissues.15 Pyridoxamine, it was shown, can neutralize reactive oxygen before it reacts with biomolecules. By preventing damage to biomolecules, it therefore prevents damage to tissues.

    This does not mean that pyridoxamine fixes tissue damage that has already occurred. It does mean that if one is being subjected to continual radiation exposure, pyridoxamine can be used to decrease its damage to the body. Therefore:

    Pyridoxamine is the best known preventative for ongoing radiation poisoning.

  3. B, thanks for stopping by and commenting, and thank you for sharing your personal observations. All I can say is, as always, gather the best version of factually based "truth", consider the entirety, and draw your own conclusions. It's an observable fact that the Pacific Ocean is dead, wildlife and sea life dead and dying all over the West Coast and Canada, and quite obvious that any governmental reporting on it is entirely lies, believe them at your peril. The laws of physics must and will be obeyed by the melted-down reactor cores, with continual release of radioactivity into the ocean and air, that's not debatable. There's no technology on this planet to solve the problem, either, and that's also not debatable. One study I read estimated that the entire Pacific Ocean, every single cubic foot of it, would eventually have over 200 times "normal" background radiation levels; of course the airborne radiation will be carried globally as well. Life as we know it cannot exist with those levels of radiation. Draw what conclusions you want to from that...

  4. Hi David Blanco, thanks for stopping by and sharing your comment.

  5. "It's an observable fact that the Pacific Ocean is dead, wildlife and sea life dead and dying all over the West Coast and Canada, and quite obvious that any governmental reporting on it is entirely lies, believe them at your peril."

    Really? Dying, Dead?

    Where? There is Starfish Wasting Disease, but that was happening pre-Fukishima.

    Beached whales? Not any more that normal.

    Where is all the death? 'cause I can't find it, and my friends and acquaintantances
    on the west coast haven't noticed anything.

    You may be right, and we may well end up with the entire Pacific dying. (that is a LOT of radiation washing into the sea). But the Pacific is a really big body of water, so the dilution factor is HUGE, so maybe bot for along time, if ever.

    You are right to be concerned. O am, as well. But as of right now, there ain't no west coast dying, and there ain't no radioactive fallout happening in the US.

  6. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, B. Instead of responding point by point, do a Search of this blog for Fukushima, and follow the active reference links on every single post, all of which suggest a very different picture than you suggest. I personally am not making these claims, what's reported here is information from reputable scientists and medical professionals with no financial attachment to government or big business, hence no incentive to follow the official policy of lies and denial. This is far, far, more than starfish wasting disease. But believe as you will, with the information you have, which is all any of us can really do anyway. You've made assertions, would you care to assemble your information into a post, complete with live link references, so the rest of us can verify it? I'll happily post it, along with anything else you have that supports your position, that "as of right now, there ain't no west coast dying, and there ain't no radioactive fallout happening in the US." THAT, my friend, is an absolute and provable falsehood, I won't call it a lie because there'd need to be the intent to deceive, which I do not believe you're doing. Woefully uninformed, misinformed, yes, deceitful, no. Please send your informative post or any other supportive material to when you're finished writing it. I eagerly await its arrival. I personally WANT to hope for something better than what the evidence suggests... but what I want, and what is reality, are two very different things.