Friday, November 21, 2014

Greg Hunter, "Weekly News Wrap-Up, 11/21/14"

"Weekly News Wrap-Up, 11/21/14"
By Greg Hunter’s

"President Obama, who many are now calling emperor, has made millions of illegal aliens legal with the stroke of his pen. Some in Congress say the time is up and something had to be done, but that is not how our government works. Obama says he is within his power, while Republicans in the House and Senate say the Constitution clearly says he is not. Expect another flood of illegal immigration on the southern border. Who is going to pay for all this welfare? What about the high unemployment rates among black youth already? I don’t think Obama or the Democrats care about these folks. The Democratic Party has such bad policies they do not want to change that they have resorted to importing millions of desperate future voters. This way, they can keep going with bad policies that most Americans do not like or want. Even Oregon, the bluest of blue states, overwhelmingly voted down giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses.

The President went on TV to explain his unconstitutional amnesty plan for illegals, and the first thing I thought about was Obama Care. I no longer believe a single word the President says. I am sure I am not alone. Did Obama explain his illegal immigration policy the way he explained Obama Care? That is now the biggest policy fraud in U.S. history with many, many concocted lies that the President and Democrat leaders crafted with the help of Jonathan Gruber. By the way, the enormous policy lie to get Obama Care passed is what folks need to focus on, not that Gruber repeatedly called American voters “stupid.”

Violence has erupted again in Israel. This time, it is at a synagogue where five people, including some rabbis, were killed by gun and meat cleaver wielding Palestinians. The attackers were killed, but the violence is far from over. The fight is concerning a holy site in Jerusalem. It is really one that both Jews and Muslims claim. The battle is ongoing and, at its heart, is really about land and who has a right to be on it. This is going to get much worse before it gets better and turn in to all-out war.

In Ferguson, Missouri, the Governor activated a State of Emergency and called in the National Guard on Tuesday of this week. I guess that was the big tipoff that Officer Wilson would not be charged by a Grand Jury in the Michael Brown shooting case. Weeks ago, the Holder Justice Department also gave us a tipoff when it said it would not pursue civil rights charges against Officer Wilson. The local news here in Missouri gave many more details than you heard on national media. For example, there was lots of blood evidence inside Wilson’s patrol car. The blood was from Brown. Also, tens of thousands of dollars have already been raised via internet groups that are supposed to be used if Wilson is prosecuted for the death of Brown.

Finally, the drought in the Midwest is nonexistent. In fact, the farmers here complained there was too much rain, and that damaged some of the crops at harvest time. Still, farmers had a good year. Out west is a totally different story, particularly California. Everybody thinks of Hollywood and moving making in the Golden State, but agriculture is very big there. All parts of California are in some sort of drought level. About 75% of the state is suffering from the highest drought level, and there is no end in sight. It will affect the rest of the country and the world in terms of food and food prices."

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