Friday, December 26, 2014

The Poet: Amelia Peart Macdonald, "Upward Reaching"

"Upward Reaching"

"The soul of man, to what end is it striving?
What is the destiny, what is the goal?
This constant upward reaching of the soul–
What force behind it does the ceaseless driving?
Upward reaching but implies a quest
Unending, for the things we deem the best,
For that which goes to make the perfect whole–
Insatiable striving for a better role.

With what speed, then, is man’s success arriving?
Endowed with instincts meant to goad him on
Toward the infinite, from dawn to dawn,
From his struggle, how much good deriving?
Man’s speed, or progress, toward that holier sphere,
Is measured through the knowledge he gains here,
And man will go on reaching endlessly;
There is no terminal– no finality."

- Amelia Peart Macdonald

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