Thursday, December 24, 2015

Being Human: "Watch Two Strangers Make Beautiful Music Together In A Paris Train Station"

"Watch Two Strangers Make Beautiful Music Together In A Paris Train Station"
Proof that music really is a universal language.
by Chloe Fox

"Music just makes everything better- even traveling through a busy and crowded train station. Which is precisely why French train company SNCF decided to put pianos smack dab in the middle of select train stations. The pianos- which are known as “À vous de jouer” pianos, or "It’s your turn to play"- are free for anyone to use, and lucky travelers in March of this year were treated to a real show when two complete strangers improvised a beautiful piece together. 

One man had just sat down at the piano and started playing what sounds like "Una Mattina" by Ludovico Einaudi when the second man, in the white shirt, approaches and observes admiringly. At the 1:10 mark, the second man jumps in, augmenting the original music. The two men barely look at each other as their composition grows, but more and more travelers stop to watch as it becomes obvious something beautiful is unfolding. The men really hit their stride around the 2:50 mark, then shake things up again around the 4:30 mark, at which point the entire train station seems to have stopped in awe of them. After their big finale, they finish with nothing more than some shy shrugs and a high-five, proving once again that music is not only universal, but truly magical. 

Correction: This article previously suggested that the music performed by the two men was improvised wholly on the spot. The music is likely based on "Una Mattina" by Ludovico Einaudi."

Since you insist, "Una Mattina", by Ludovico Einaudi...

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