Saturday, December 26, 2015

Midday Musical Interlude: E.S. Posthumus, “Unearthed - Nara” (Theme to Cold Case)

E.S. Posthumus, “Unearthed - Nara” (Theme to "Cold Case")
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“E.S. Posthumus is an acronym for "Experimental Sounds" while Posthumus is a Latin word that is meant to represent "all things past". E.S. Posthumus was formed in 2000 by brothers Helmut and Franz Vonlichten. They studied piano with their mother and produced cinematic, classical style music that intertwined popular style drum rhythms with orchestral and electronic sounds. After graduating from high school, Franz worked in recording studios while Helmut attended and graduated from UCLA with a degree in archaeology. Their music was licensed by many movie and television production studios, being included in numerous movie trailers and television shows. E.S. Posthumus released three albums overall in their career together."

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