Thursday, December 24, 2015

"Time, Life, and the Roller Coaster"

"Time, Life, and the Roller Coaster"
by CP

Remember when you were 10 years old, and summer felt like it lasted forever? Got a little older, not so bad, still plenty of time to do everything you wanted. Someone told me back then that time speeds up the older you get. Being young, and knowing everything as the young do, I of course ridiculed this idea. But guess what- it’s true. Life, and time, is like a roller coaster with just one enormous riser. As you climb the beginning towards the top time is slower to pass. At 30 or so you’re at the very top, then you start the fall towards the bottom. Faster and faster you go, as time goes by ever quicker. Weeks and months flash by, and you wonder where it all went, and as you descend ever faster you realize that somewhere on the tracks below there’s a solid brick wall or some other disaster awaiting your arrival. The only thing you don’t know is where on the tracks ahead of you it is. So, appreciate even more the things you can enjoy, and the people whom you love and that love you, because the ride isn’t going to last forever...

“The life of the people is like a great circle without end. Young ones are born, grow up, become old and die, and soon more young ones are born to take the place of the old ones. To us this is beautiful and fitting; symbol and reality at the same time, expressing the harmony of nature and life. Our circle is timeless, flowing; it is new life emerging from death – life winning out over death.”
- John "Fire" Lame Deer, Lakotah Nation

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