Wednesday, November 29, 2017

"Rothschild TRILLIONS Quantified"

"Rothschild TRILLIONS Quantified"
by IWB

"Do you honestly believe Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest man? A guy who started selling books over the internet 20 years ago!? History tells a different story. The Rothschilds are worth several hundred TRILLION dollars. Here’s the quantifiable numbers. It’s a simple matter of math, market manipulation and compounding interest. The family bragged about the wealth they made as a result of the Battle of Waterloo. They even bankrolled a Hollywood movie about it in 1934 starring Boris Karloff as Nathan Rothschild, ‘The House of Rothschild.’
So when you hear this guy is worth 80 billion, and that guy is worth 100 billion and is the worlds richest man, total crap, all new money, and new money is a joke to old money, as in the Rothschilds, Sinclairs, DuPonts, just for starters. Then there is the British and Dutch royal fortunes, both in the trillions as well!”

To illustrate:
"US Debt of $20 Trillion Visualized in Stacks of Physical Cash"

Now imagine having 25 times that amount, $500 trillion...
Masters of the Universe, indeed.

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