Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Poet: Frances Dana Gage, “Dare To Stand Alone”

“Dare To Stand Alone”

“Be firm, be bold, be strong, be true, 
And "dare to stand alone;"
Strive for the right whate'er ye do,
Though helpers there be none.

Nay, bend not to the swelling surge
Of popular sneer and wrong;
'Twill bear thee on to ruin's verge,
With current wild and strong.

Stand for the Right! Humanity 
Implores, with groans and tears,
Thine aid to break the fest'ring links
That bind her toiling years.

Stand for the Right!- proclaim it loud-
Thou'lt find an answering tone
In honest hearts, and thou no more
Be downed to stand alone!” 

- Frances Dana Gage, 1869

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