Tuesday, May 29, 2018

"The Still, Sad Music Of Humanity..."; A Comment

“For I have learned to look on nature, 
not as in the hour of thoughtless youth, 
but hearing oftentimes, the still, sad music of humanity…”
 - William Wordsworth

A comment: Not to be melodramatic, but by now you've seen all the economy related posts, which I hope inform you about what's happening. This may, or may not, really be the start of the global economy collapse process; it certainly appears to be, Europe and Japan first, then the contagion spreads here, since they're all financially, and derivatively, interlocked. I don't know what will happen, no one does, how this will all play out, or what time frame it will take, but it's not going to be good, at all. Trying to understand all this is like being an ant looking up at an elephant, while getting your information from the fire hydrant of the internet, when all you really want is the few drops of truth. Overwhelming at times, and difficult enough to comprehend, but try we must, and we will. All we can do is try our best to be informed and understand as much as we can. There's nothing anyone can do to stop or change the fairly predictable consequences, the very real life-changes coming, as detailed elsewhere. It's simply far too huge and complex, and the world's never faced anything like this before, on a global scale. Just stay aware and alert, and never forget, we're all in this together, no matter what.
- CP


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