Sunday, August 18, 2019

“Central Banks In Panic Mode”

"Egon Von Greyerz On The Keiser Report – 
“Central Banks In Panic Mode”

"In this interview Max and Egon discuss the enormous pressures in the financial system and the coming stampede into gold. Also:

• The final phase of the currency race to zero has just started.
• Massive energy in gold, built up over the last 6 years.
• Gold will break its all time high of $ 1920, without effort.
• Gold hit new all-time highs in many currencies. Now on its way to at least $10,000 or even $50,000.
• Central banks panicking over global banking system.
• Negative rates – Government bonds, world’s most risky investment.
• At some point, investors will dump overvalued bonds, resulting in hyperinflation and implosion of bond market.
• Dow Jones stock index, will face a vicious fall very soon and in years to come."


A must view! Start at 20:00
"That could be a rapid fall, maybe 5,000 points or more, within a week or two..."

"• UK: Consumer confidence is growing, however due to Brexit no-deal, the country is in a perfect position to significantly feel the effects of any global slowdown
• Japan: Officials have been saying that the country may have already been in a recession since Mar ’19, things aren’t looking pretty with the new Japan/Korea trade dispute
• Germany: Low auto purchases are affecting the country, analysts said that low exports are slipping Germany into recession territory (although not yet there) edit: also breaking their budget balance stance in anticipation of a recession
• Italy: GDP growth has slowed to a projected .1% this year
• Singapore: The business giant just had their second quarter of negative GDP growth, confirmed at -3.3% due to global trade slowdowns
• Argentina: Their market just had the largest market crash since 1950, and are again at the brink of a recession, there is worry that the country will default on its debts
• Mexico: High unemployment, investment has dropped, services sector is dropping
• Brazil: Largest economy in Latin America, suffering from low manufacturing production, the country is releasing a report in the coming weeks which will determine whether or the not it is already in recession

I’m not saying that a doomsday recession is coming, or anything of that sort. But I think it’s naive to think that other major global economies’ slowdowns won’t affect the US economy in any way."

"I’m not saying that a doomsday recession is coming, or anything of that sort." Coward!
Well I AM saying it! But believe what you want and need to, it won't matter anyway.
- CP

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