Friday, February 14, 2020

"Wuhan Lockdown Intensifies While First Coronavirus Case Reported In 'Unprepared' Africa"

"Wuhan Lockdown Intensifies While First 
Coronavirus Case Reported In 'Unprepared' Africa"
by Tyler Durden

• First case reported in Africa after the Egyptian Health Ministry confirms non-Egyptian patient who recently traveled to China
• China says 1,716 medical workers have been infected.

• WHO demands to know more about sick doctors, insists group of 12 virus experts will reach Beijing over the weekend
• Singapore reports largest daily jump in cases amid increased human-to-human transmission
• Egypt confirms first case; virus now present in 29 countries/territories.

• Hong Kong reports 3 new cases.

• New quarantine measures take effect in Wuhan
• President Xi touts new "biosecurity law".

• Hong Kong Disney land offers space for quarantine
• Chinese company says blood plasma of recovered patients useful in combating the virus
• US mulling new travel restrictions.

• Japan reports 4 new cases; one patient recently returned from Hawaii.

• CDC Director: Virus is "Coming" to the US.

Update (1415ET): The Egyptian Health Ministry has announced the first coronavirus case in Egypt - the first confirmed patient on the African continent, according to the Financial Times. According to the ministry, the case was discovered through its electronic registration program to track people who have visited countries with reported infections. The person in question is not Egyptian and is asymptomatic, but tested positive for the virus. They have been placed in isolation in a local hospital, according to the ministry.

As we reported earlier in the week, Africa - which has seen an influx of Chinese nationals in recent years (and a ton of half-Chinese babies born to single mothers) is woefully unprepared for the coronavirus. “We’re definitely not prepared. If we had a couple of cases, it would spread very quickly,” physiotherapist Fundi Sinkala said. “We’re doing the best we can with what resources we have.” - AP Of note, around 1 million Chinese now live in Africa.
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